Ekebergparken X Tons of Rock = TURE!

Viewpoint by the restaurant

Ekebergparken and Tons of Rock welcome you to a pitch-black and enigmatic walk through the sculpture park, Wednesday June 26th at 12 pm.

Experience the park like you never have before, in a mysterious and different tour that brings out the park's darkest history and hidden secrets – from the occult and obscure to the bizzare and entertaining. Perhaps you stumble across traces from ancient times, or meet faces you've seen before?

The tour ends at The Black Gate – an exclusive and secret entrance to the festival grounds that can only be used by participants of The Black Path.

The tour costs 20 NOK per ticket and one lucky winner will be drawn at the very end. The winner will recieve a very special goodie bag from both the sculpture park and Tons of Rock, The tour only runs once and has limited places availabe, so don't hesitate to order your ticket and secure your place at a fantastic start to the best festival of the year!

NB! Only those who have already changed to a festival wristband can enter the festival area through the Black Gate. 

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