Our body is the home of the spirit. The place in which ideas live. Our body is a meeting place where our different experiences converge, mix and grow, creating a colossal archive.

- Jaume Plensa

The Spanish artist Jaume Plensa (1955) is especially known for his large public works, made of a wide variety of materials such as steel, cast iron, marble, glass, light, water and sound. He is perhaps best known for his elongated and elliptically shaped faces.

Plensa's artwork is modeled on real people and digitally processed, before being designed in materials that are adapted to the place where the sculpture is placed. The sculptures can be seen from all angles, but by walking around them you experience a distorted perspective.

Chloé invites to quiet contemplation with her eyes closed and calm being. In this way, the sculpture, made of steel, makes a valuable contribution to a view point that opens up calmness and reflection.

Chloé, 2019

©Jaume Plensa / BONO 2019

Stainless Steel