Portrett av Ann-Sofi Sidén



– Where does a park or an idea begin and stop?


Swedish artist Ann-Sofi Sidén (born 1962) was trained traditionally as a painter, but has made a major impact with her video, installation and sculptural art. She puts herself in the center of her works, sometimes with provoking statements about society and the human condition.

The piece Fideicommissum is a self-portrait of the artist squatting while she urinates. The work title alludes to an older aristocratic tradition in Sweden. In noble families, the first-born son would inherit any large possession, but was only allowed to profit by its proceeds. When he died, all of the property, which could not be divided in any way, was transferred to the next heir. The sculpture was created and positioned in a way that makes the artist's opinion of this tradition abundantly clear.

The initial version of this piece was made for the Wanås sculpture park, a property stemming from the fifteenth century in Sweden.


Fideicommissum, 2000


©Ann-Sofi Sidén / BONO