Portrett av Aristide Maillol
Aristide Maillol

Nue Sans Draperie


– I am no poet, so I express myself through my sculpture.


Aristide Maillol (1861-1944) was originally a painter by way of education, but this French-Catalan artist eventually worked mostly as a sculptor. He was particularly captivated by the female body. Archaic Greek ideals were among the springs of Maillol 's inspirations. His earthbound, somewhat simplistic shapes reminiscent of classical, figurative art wielded a major impact on the advancement of modern sculpture as late as the end of World War II.

Nue sans draperie in the sense “nude without drapery” alludes to the way female nudes could be depicted in earlier times. As it was uncouth to display the naked female body, artists circumvented the problem by partly wrapping it in a drapery. Even if the figure were only to clasp it in one hand, the sculpture might pass as partly clothed or about to take a bath. Aristide Maillol made it clear that his female figures are fit to stand unrobed, without draperies.


Nue sans draperie, 1921.

© Aristide Maillol / BONO