Marina Abramovic at the Norwegian National Gallery

The Scream

– Nobody gets changed by somebody else's experience. What you experience will always stay with you, that is why I like to create a platform for interactions so people can experience something for themselves.

Marina Abramović (born 1946) from Serbia is one of the world's most well-known performance artists. She works out of New York.

Her art delves into the relationship with her audience, including its intellectual possibilities and physical limitations. Abramović challenges her audience as she interacts with it.

I 2013 Abramović conceived her work The Scream specifically for Ekeberg Park. She created a homage to Edvard Munch's Skrik (The Scream) together with 270 Oslo citizens.

Posed in front of the very same landscape Much used for his famous motif, Oslo's inhabitants screamed out their emotions loudly. 

 Abramović has taken yet another step in making the audience actors in a space where they can get in touch with their own emotions. The outcome is surprising, intense and impelling.

The film The scream  is on view in the permanent exhibition in Ekeberg Museum. The museum is the white villa close to the tram stop "Ekebergparken". 

The Scream, 2013. Site specific performance.

© Marina Abramović / BONO